Parfait Records is owned and managed by people who have a passion for Easy Music. We have decades of experience in the fields of radio broadcasting, music retailing, audio engineering, media duplication, commercial sound, communications and related industries. We are experts in sound restoration, popular music history and audio mastering.

Parfait Records is dedicated to releasing the highest quality products in the music business both in terms of repertoire and fidelity.

Parfait Records is a small company with big plans. Yes, we're starting out with only one release. But everyone has to start someplace. We're proud of our first release and we're in the planning stages for many more. Exactly how many and what they are will depend upon the response we get from lovers of Easy Music...people like you! So let us know what you think and what you'd like to hear on CD. Are you interested in fresh, newly recorded material, re-releases of chestnuts from years past, "custom" music that was originally recorded for radio stations? Let us know!

Parfait Records is Easy Music. No one does it better or with the commitment and love for the music that we have. We do it better because Easy Music is all we do. That's why we say with the utmost pride...

The Music You've Missed Is Back!



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